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Experiences and Processes Affecting Racial Identity Development …

Studies of persons of mixed-race heritage al- ready suggest ….. hairstyles, body size, eye color, eye shape, hair color …



Characteristics of Boys' and Girls' Toys – MIT

and hairstyles in toys for girls. Of course, in addi- ….. measure) by 2 (gender of participant) mixed-design. ANOVA.



Understanding the Educational Needs of Mixed Heritage Pupils

more commonly used term 'mixed race' to refer to those pupils and people who identify themselves, or …… hairstyles, skin tone, clothing styles, friendships and relationships – it is beyond the scope of …



Hairstyle, c. 1380–1410, France – Mathilde's Little Corner

After trying this style with a curling iron, with mixed results, I set out to figure out a method that a medieval woman could …



accomplishing femininity among the girls in the gang – University of …

young women involved in all girl gangs and mixed (male and female) gangs. ….. Her clothing, hairstyle, make-up, and.



RIOT GRRRL AND RAISIN GIRL – British Society of Criminology

independently functioning units; members of mixed-sex gangs; or female auxiliaries to male gangs (Miller ….. one's own self-image which involves making decisions about the choice of hairstyle, the.



Race, Biraciality, and Mixed Race—in Theory – Lewis R. Gordon

of hairstyle and tanning techniques to don the look of mixed race, is not to be taken for being mixed in the sense of …



Mixed Messages: Girls and Dolls in the Roman World who what …

13 Sep 2011 … Mixed Messages: … CANADIAN FEDERATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN – ST. … her presentation: Many Roman ivory & bone dolls, shaped like adult women with elaborate hairstyles.




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